About the Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House

The Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House (MFNH) was founded in 1902 as a settlement house providing information and services to help immigrants assimilate into American culture. For over a century, the organization has assisted the most vulnerable people of our community, spearheading the critical services to help many thousands of families, children, and seniors. The Margaret Fuller House is a community treasure that embodies an incredible mission in which people work together to build an equitable, diverse, engaged and flourishing community in Cambridge and the Greater Boston communities it serves. MFNH provides integrated services to individuals and families to empower them to overcome challenges, reach their potential and achieve their goals.

We remain indispensable today as we feed, educate, empower, and advocate for the thousands of neighbors who depend on us. Our three main programs include: Food Pantry, Youth After-School Program, and Community Advancement Services. The Food Pantry is one of the largest volume pantries in Cambridge. MFNH provides a supportive and caring environment for children to build strong relationships, develop their identities, and excel academically. The Community Advancement Team provides comprehensive wrap-around services for individuals 18 years and older to help them develop skills, manage stress, obtain gainful employment and financial stability, and develop resources that meet each’s identified needs.