The MFNH has a committed board of 17 members. Active committees include: executive, finance, program, facilities, personnel, and development/fundraising. Our strategic planning committee has studied community needs, reviewed competition and available resources and has developed a three-year strategic plan. Our facilities committee has been intensely involved with immediate and future facility needs.

Board President, Alan Schwartz (center) at the Sweet Soul Supper 2013.

Board Clerk Alan Schwartz (center) at the Sweet Soul Supper 2013.

Executive Committee

Alan Wright, Treasurer and Mo Gomez, Vice President and Clerk

From left: Allen Wright,  and Mo Gomez, Board President and Clerk

Mauricio Gomez, Board President, Architect, Sasaki Associates

Cara Solomon, Board Vice President, Communications Manager, Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School

Gene Kalaw, Board Treasurer, Assistant VP Cambridge Trust, Business Development Officer

Alan Schwartz, Board Clerk, Retired Product Manager, Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates

Board member Selvin Chambers, honoring Peterson, a recipient of the Sion Chambers Youth Leadership Award.

Board Members

Selvin Chambers, Community and Organizational Consultant

Kara Cournoyer, Senior Communications Specialist, Novartis Institute for Bio-Medical Research

Kathleen Drummy, Editorial Assistant, Harvard University Press

Freweyni Gebrehiwet, Nurse, Cambridge Health Alliance, Parent

Kara Cournoyer (current member) and Leslie Braga (past Vice President) of Board

Kara Cournoyer (current member) and Leslie Braga (past Vice President) of Board

Jason Liss, Associate, Wimer Hale

Telesha Mervin, Head Teacher and Parent

Kenneth Reeves, Former Mayor and City Counselor of Cambridge

Patrick Rowe, Director, MIT Real Estate Investment Management

Sam Seidel, City Planner, Former Cambridge City Councilor

Teresa Needham-Stevens, DCS Mental Health

C. Daniel Wagner, Police Lieutenant, Cambridge Police Department

Allen Wright, IT Director, MAB Community Services

Emeritus Member:

Stephanie Morris, Community Resident and Activist


Ping Wong, Vice President Cambridge Trust Bank