Senior Programs

The Margaret Fuller House has long served as a gathering place for elders in the community.

Senior Tea Party Attendees

Senior Tea Party Attendees

 Seniors Gather:

Senior Breakfast Club

Senior Breakfast Club

Every week, our “Senior Breakfast Club” draws local residents to the house to share their concerns, as well as their tips for leading healthy and safe lifestyles. The support group is led by an experienced local facilitator, also a senior, who organizes speakers, encourages community activism, arranges trips, and plans special activities. On the first Tuesday of the  month the seniors prepare a full healthy breakfast and other Tuesdays they share a smaller breakfast.  This group has grown out of our Diabetes Workshop.


Other the past several years we have partnered with the Cambridge Community Center and the Cambridge Public Health Center to provide “Seven Secrets of Healthy Living for Seniors” and “Diabetes: What Comes Next?,” an eight-week workshop that focuses on healthy cooking and lifestyle for elders and people with late onset diabetes. Since its inception, more than 45 local seniors have participated in the workshop.


Seven Secrets

We were pleased to develop an exciting new partnership with Community Servings of Boston, the Cambridge Senior Center and the Cambridge Community Center. We helped present a series of workshops for diabetic and pre-diabetic seniors. As in our previous workshops, seniors explored the effects of diabetes on the body and how to care for oneself. An important new ingredient and central to each workshop were cooking demonstrations and healthy meals–every meeting!

Senior Gathering

Seniors support each other

The Margaret Fuller House encourages neighborhood seniors to join our open houses, birthday parties, senior lunches and community-wide events.

Senior's Brunch!

Senior’s Brunch!