Community Advancement

MFNH is committed to the advancement of our community and its residents.  MFNH Community Advancement programs work to provide education, resources, and information to lift individuals out of poverty and allow them to become successful and self-sustaining.

Com Advancement pic barPrograms

Outreach and Case Management

Outreach and case management houses our Community Liaison & Street Worker/Case Manager will work to engage with the at-risk population that is typically forgotten in the 17-35 year old age range.  The clients we engage are assisted in connecting to services, locating suitable and feasible job placement, determining educational and training needs and will now be enrolled in a series of courses designed to help re-frame their expectations of themselves while better understand their community as well as their role in it.

Tech Goes Home Digital Literacy Training

Our digital literacy training course platform was designed in collaboration with Tech Goes Home (TGH).  TGH, founded in 2000, is a national award-winning initiative helping to provide under-served residents the opportunity, tools, education, and access required for 21st century skills development. With the support and backing of the City of Boston, TGH prioritizes low-income and underserved populations, including people from challenged neighborhoods, those without technology at home, the unemployed and underemployed, people who do not speak English, and individuals with disabilities.

Community Informationals and Events

Our team hosts regular events called Community Conversations to maintain connectivity to the community, both for positive learning opportunities and to report out and discuss community issues or incidences.  This team is also responsible for planning The Port Community Pride day which seeks to unify and strengthen the ever-changing Port community, engaging over 300 people for a one day community “fun day”.

Public Technology Center

The MFNH Technology Center provides a free computer lab and internet access to the public five days a week.  The Technology Center puts no limit on time for users with the exception of our hours of operation (Monday – Friday, 9:30AM – 5:30PM).

For more information on Community Advancement Services, please contact:  Gary Perry, Community Liaison at