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LIT’s Reflect on their Summer

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As the summer draws to an end, the Leaders in Training took some time out to write reflections about their experiences in the program.

 Some of the LITs mentioned what they learned working with the kids and how they grew:

“I learned that at the end of the day, respect is better than being the kids’ favorite.”

“Through the LIT experience I’ve learned that patience and self-control were the most important aspects for me. Patience helped me work better with the kids and self-control helped me seem more mature towards them. These two aspects as an LIT helped me grow as a person.”

Keke Dorsainvil


 “I think I did grow this summer. I developed relationships with kids of all ages and learned how they see everything, which was pretty fun because their perspectives are way different than ours.”

Vicky Angeles





“Something that was great about this summer was spending time with the kids. I say this because I love those kids. They’re fun and energetic. Even though sometimes they don’t listen they are still good kids. I love going to work knowing that I get to play with the kids. That is what made my summer great.”

Sahhi Puckerin




“This summer I grew to be more patient because for two weeks I worked with the 9-12 age group and they were a lot to handle. They were a lot to handle because that age group is close to our age and we have to be a little bit more mature and have boundaries with the children. That was a good way to help me be more patient because you always have to know when to play and when to be serious.”

Heizy Mejia


“One of the things I learned this summer was controlling my anger. From working here, I think I got more open-minded.”

“The best part of this camp is meeting new kids and understanding their character traits. My favorite experience was playing sports with the kids.”

Marzuq Puckerin


They reflected on their field trips with the kids:


“My favorite experience this summer was going to the Aquarium with the kids and seeing how fascinated and engaged they were looking at the fish and different sea animal life.”

Kiana Laws



They also reflected on their own field trips: (SkyZone, Laser Tag, Movies-Jurassic World, Watercountry)


“We use the money we raised from the LIT Bashments to help us go on these trips, and not only did we raise the money through our hard work (and those who contributed), but we had fun doing it also!”

Nellisha Leonce



“Some field trips were the first time I went/did something. It was really fun doing the field trips with the kids and to be able to experience new things.”

Vicky Angeles

And how the summer went overall:

haley“I really liked the aspect of teamwork in the LIT program- working together and doing everything as a team.”

Haley Favreau





“Overall I think that this summer was filled with new experiences and successes and I’m glad I was a part of it.”

Kiana Laws



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