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Free Wednesday Evening Computer Class
Introduction to MS Excel
12 – Week Program with Instructor

Welcome to the world of Spreadsheets.  An instructor will assist students to create professional looking spreadsheets in MS Excel.

We will cover spreadsheet basics including how to enter data. We will then move on to covering formulas and workbooks.  We will then look at functions: date/time, math, and financial. We will then look at how to filter and sort data, and also how to lookup data using VLOOKUP tools.  We will learn how to construct macros to perform repeated tasks. We will then learn how to create graphs, charts, and pivot tables in Excel.  Time permitting, we’ll look at the powerful VBA tools in Excel.

Note for the “Microsoft Excel” class:
This class is not bilingual.  Experience with the keyboard and a working knowledge of the basic screen elements of a Microsoft screen window is mandatory.  Necessary required skills include: using menu file commands; selecting, modifying and editing text; and creating and saving a document.  Knowledge about Navigating Excel Features will be developed in the course

Seating is limited: 10 Computer Workstations
Sign up early to reserve a computer for the 12-week session.

Because of the seating capacity, please consider your personal schedule before making the commitment to attend the full 12-week cycle.

The class will run from 6:30pm – 8:30pm beginning on March 30 until June 15

To pre-register for class, you may come in person, call or e-mail:

Come to: Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House
71 Cherry Street Cambridge, MA
Call: Receptionist at 617-547-4680, between 10 am and 5 pm


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