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For most college students, Spring Break is a time to let loose and have some much needed rest. For seven dedicated students from Florida International University, Spring Break became a time devoted to social issues. As part of Alternative Breaks, theses students have foregone the beaches and parties in exchange for a week service projects. We at MFNH were fortunate enough to host these amazing spirits.

From day one, the entire group was ready to spring to action. Selma Blistein (Junior) expressed how much of an eye opening experience she’s had with Alternative Breaks. This being her second tour of duty, she was looking forward giving herself to service and being an active citizen. Laura Caceres (Junior) was looking for ways to get involved with the university when she came upon Alternative Breaks. Once enlisted, they choose Urban Poverty as the social issue they wanted to confront. As co-supervisors, they had little under a year to raise funds, organize their team and prepare themselves for a fresh take on spring break.

Projects included (but weren’t limited to) organizing the library, painting walls, building a new staircase and of course spending time with our young people. David and Jenelle dazzled with their athletic skills while Mimi and Ivan spent some time reading with youth. It was a week that won’t soon be forgotten by youth and staff alike. We hope to see more ambitious and socially aware college students who are cut from the same cloth.

For more information on our aB friends, visit their home page
Look forward to pictures and reflections from our transformative week together in coming weeks.


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