Adult Enrichment

A Place to Connect and Grow at Any Age

Our elders make up the strong fabric and story of our great community. Though the landscape around us is inevitably going to change, we are committed to ensuring that our elders always have a place in the community they helped shape.  Our Adult Enrichment Program provides a place for our elders to gather, socialize and discuss topics that are affecting their lives and quality of life.  We also refer them to necessary resources and always have each person’s well-being in mind.

elder picPrograms:

The Breakfast Club

Our weekly Senior’s gathering consists of a diverse group, 65 and older, that always welcomes new members. It is designed as a support system and active engagement space for seniors in their golden years.  The group gathers at MFNH weekly, prepares a light breakfast for themselves, and enjoys the company of their fellow community members.  Many of the participants have been lifelong Port or Cambridge community residents and hold strong history with MFNH.

Our Upgraded Technology Lab

Our newly upgraded computer lab will make it possible for residents to leverage high-tech to develop new skills, align themselves to a more technically demanding job market, and plug into the net to stay informed.  Our lab is made up of 13 large-screen iMac desktop computers with wifi access. We hope to offer workshops in the near future and we’re looking forward to providing the public at large access to the new lab.

Program Development

Our aim is to continue to provide to resources available to promote healthy and independent living, personal growth, and life-long learning to people of all ages.  By making resources available at low or no-cost, we give greater access to people who might be shut out of such opportunities for financial reasons.  In the months to come we’ll be promoting new opportunities for adult enrichment.

For more information on Adult Enrichment, please contact: Pierre Balthazar, Program Director at