Community Advancement Services

Making Connections in the Community

MFNH is committed to the advancement of our community and its residents.  MFNH Community Advancement programs work to provide education, resources, and information to lift individuals up and allow them to become successful and self-sustaining.

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Outreach and Positive Interventions

Outreach and case management houses our Community Liaison & Outreach Coordinator work to engage with the a population that is typically forgotten in the 16-35 year old age range.  We engage and assist residents by connecting them to services, locating suitable and feasible job placement, and determining educational and training needs. We also refer residents with emergency housing needs to other agencies that can help provide transitional housing and support.

Community Conversations and Community Events

Margaret Fuller House hosts regular events called Community Conversations to maintain connectivity to the community, both for positive learning opportunities and to report out and discuss community issues or incidences.  Our Leadership and Community Advancement Teams are also responsible for co0-planning The Port Community Pride Day which seeks to unify and strengthen the ever-changing Port community, engaging over 500 people for a one day community celebration.  We collaborate with several city and non-profit partners to make Port Community Pride Day a success. Recently we hosted a Pot Luck Block Party at Green Rose Heritage Park.  The Summer of Peace Basketball League was launched in 2018 to bring positive activities to the Port neighborhood.  The league takes place on Saturday evenings starting in July and ending with a playoff series in September.

For more information on Community Advancement Services, please contact:  Pierre Balthazar at